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Update by user Jan 30, 2017

This person is very shady! DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE!

They did EVENTUALLY pay me, however they hide all contact information, give a very vague androgynous FIRST name only! No phone # or address to address issues.

They are SUPER SLOW to pay and could disappear entirely and you will be SOL! I do NOT recommend !

Original review posted by user Jan 16, 2017

They are not paying people. They owe me money and have no intentions of ever paying it.

This place is a complete and total SCAM! Me: 8 days and no payment... Jan 15, 2017 Me: 10 days and STILL no payment. I knew this place was a scam !

Jan 16, 2017 Support Hi there, Rest assured we are not a scam, we are simply behind on payments. We will do our best to get this to you as soon as we can. Kind Regards, Keep Rewarding Support It is now 11 days and STILL they have not made a $2 payment LOL?!?! $2 !!!!

Either they have no intentions of EVER paying any one OR they are soo broke they can't pay $2 LMAO Q! Either way SKIP this SCAM ! Save yourself the trouble of wasting your time here !

Bottom line is ANY GPT site is better then http://www.keeprewarding.com/ !!!! https://www.facebook.com/keeprewarding https://twitter.com/KeepRewarding

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: This place is a scam.

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The website still hasn't got any better and it's been a couple of months since you posted this. I just don't understand why it takes 7 days and the lowest payout is $1 . This site won't last long and I will definitely not be using it again.


This company payed me more than less of what my paycheck should have been and i can not be more pissed off.


these Website is SCAM!!!!!!! They DONT PAID my $ 2 they have Many Alibis!!!!!!


I love this site. I joined in June 2017 but didn't really make an effort until Mid October.

I have been able to make roughly $100 USD per month. It is definitely not a scam site as I have been paid numerous times. The payouts can sometimes be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances but have patience.. you will get paid.

This is my favourite money earning website so far. Would definitely recommend this site to anyone.


That site is a scam, when you are going to request payment, your account is blocked


The site is not a scam I have been paid over $3k. My user name is Tatianab. :)


They take way too long to pay out -- you shouldn't have to wait 10+ business days to get your reward. ESpecialjy when their site says it will take a maximum of 7 business days.

Renton, Washington, United States #1286413

The wait for payments on this site is unacceptable. The owner cannot manage his own site properly and is too cheap to hire additional staff.

The excuse about the holidays is now irrelevant yet delays still exist. The holidays excuse is also flawed due to the fact that the MAJORITY of businesses still run on or the day after a holiday, taking an extended time off is ridiculous when you are claim you are solely handling payments on a GPT site. Believe it or not, in our current economy, users rely on monies to be paid in a timely manner. Some users spend the money on necessities such as diapers, food and the like.

Yes, most people have jobs outside of the site, however they put their time in and deserve to be compensated as stated, not 20 days later. I truly believe this site is in the red and is stalling payment due to this. If the FAQ's state you will be paid in a certain time frame that time frame should be adhered to, at least within a reasonable amount of time.

I cannot recommend this site to anyone based on the delays, excuses and irresponsible way in which it is run. It is run very unprofessionally and in an amateurish manner.


May I ask the Administrator of Keep Rewarding why the big delays are still "existing"? 1st of february and still....still more than 20 business days to pay.

Is the "christmas period" still and excuse to keep up with delays?

10...11...13...business days...that's ok. But more than 20 business days?

Why Administrator don't you rewrite your own rules from FAQ? I think you are running out of cash; why do not you try to save money to pay users in time?


NEVER trust someone that masks contact information and give an androgynous name. Also refusing to close an account (thus holding SOMEONE ELSE'S PERSONAL INFORMATION) unless a review of your complicit ways is marked as "resolved".

Did you pay me ? Yes.

Did you change your ways? I highly doubt it LOL!

to Cakekethis Madrid, Madrid, Spain #1278642

Please cakekethis you have been paid, you must mark this issue as resolved. Other thing is the delay, and admin must take corrective steps.

But with reference to your payment, if it has arrived, please close this. Do you work for any of the KR competitors?

to Luis #1278643

LMAO Why on earth would I "work for a competitor" ? I have NO LOYALTY to ANY GPT!

They are ALL greedy ! But this one is VERY POORLY run!

to Luis #1278644

I can only assume that YOU work for keep rewarding based on your logic!

to Cakekethis #1278829

Sigh - At no point did I refuse to close your account until this was marked as resolved. I asked you a question in your trouble ticket on site and was waiting on your response.

If I closed your account then you wouldn't have been able to answer my question.

I have stated this to you in my response to your ticket. Please come onto the site, read my response and then reply to confirm that you indeed wish for me to close your account. Then it is all done.

The irony is that you are the one holding me ransom that you won't mark as resolved until all your demands are met..... this review was solely about payment....now that payment has been made suddenly it's about your account....so how am I not at ransom here now?

Like I said in the ticket response. Not everyone is out trying to be the bad guy...Late payments aside I am simply here to try and help the every day person earn some extra money and get paid for it.

I assume that your statement of masking information you are referring to the fact that I use WHOISGUARD on my domain to protect my identity? This is entirely my prerogative, I am allowed to protect my personal information, should I so wish and I pay to do so. Entirely above board and legal for me to do so. As for the androgynous name - I am failing to understand why that is even an 'issue'......like really?

This is digressing into all kinds of other stuff, which frankly isn't necessary. I have been more than amicable through it all. Please respond to your ticket confirming the requested closure of your account - the verification needs to be through the ticket so there is a written record and confirmation. I will then take care of the account closure then hopefully you can mark this as resolved.

After all PissedConsumer is here to allow companies to engage with clients and resolve problems.

You stated that the reason for the review is Problem with delivery, in this case the money you were owed. The money owed has been sent and you acknowledge this, so lets use PC as it is supposed to be used.

to Chris #1278831

Close the account. I have NO desire to ever go to your site ever again. PERIOD.

to Cakekethis #1278834

Like I said you need to do it on site - I am not holding you ransom. It is simply a procedure that I require you to verify the requested closure of account.

I need a record on site of the verification so that I cannot be accused of any wrong doing.

That's the policy - it won't be changed cause someone wants to play games. Takes you 2 seconds to reply to the ticket on site. If you were really so concerned that I was an evil tyrant that was going to misuse your personal information then I cannot see why you would refuse to complete the final procedure to close your account.

As a site owner I have policies and guidelines that need to be followed - you refusing to now do what needs to be done pretty much says it all.

You know what I am done with this - I will now be asking PC to review this entire review. Follow the procedure - close your account and put it to bed.

PERIOD. Kick and scream here all you want but until you do it on site you are holding yourself ransom.

to Cakekethis #1279832

To Chris:

You wrote: "That's the policy - it won't be changed cause someone wants to play games".

Oh Chris, the policy is also to pay people within a maximum of 7 business days...right? You have changed the maximum to infinitum, so it means you WANT to PLAY GAMES.


So now that this has been resolved you are refusing to mark it as resolved?

to Chris #1277641

Oh I am sorry... So you not like it when things are delayed? What is good for the good is most certainly good for the gander princess!

to Cakekethis #1278046

There is a difference, I have a policy in place and members were notified of the delay. This is very much a different scenario.

But if you wish to engage in that kind of game then I guess that is up to you.

As stated this issue has now been resolved. I have nothing more to add to this.

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